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A 20th Century Historical

Life in the Backwash of the Counter Culture 

At thirty-three, Troy Stevenson, college football legend and corporate executive, has it all -- a rewarding career in moss-draped Verona, Georgia, a comfortable suburban home, an adoring wife and two beautiful kids. For this coal miner's grandson who grew up in a mobile home in Appalachia, life looks abundant and serene as far into the future as the eye can see.

But when an employee romantically obsessed with him is stung by his rejection, she files a sexual harassment complaint against him. As the company begins an internal resolution process, word of the incident is leaked and spreads like wildfire through the small town. Troy's world begins to crumble as the incident is editorialized in Verona's newspaper and he is savaged on local talk radio. His reputation is shredded and his family ostracized. 

New company policies restrict his ability to defend himself. Sustained only by the moral support of his family and a small circle of friends as the ordeal intensifies, he must somehow restore his good name and regain his place in the company and the community. 

Southern Man takes readers from the hills of Appalachia to the University of Alabama during the Paul "Bear" Bryant era; from staid New England to drug-drenched and sex-saturated Haight-Ashbury in the Summer of Love; from the glittering skyline of Atlanta to magnolia-scented south Georgia -- and reveals what can happen when a good man becomes the object of lust and the target of vengeance.



Coming of Age in the Dawn of Misandry

Shelby, Randy, and John Mark have been best friends since grade school. Growing up in a small town in south Georgia, they have found life to be gracious and wholesome. 

They have petted and spoiled Shelby's little sister, Ainsley, batted heads with Shelby's rival, Wesley; hunted and fished, played football and baseball, discovered their Southern heritage, studied, worked and worshipped -- together.

The sons of close-knit families, they have been raised to be responsible, to revere God, and to love. 

But as seniors in high school, they are charged with unspeakable crimes. Branded criminals in headlines across the state, persecuted by the justice system, abandoned by their community, their lives shattered and their futures jeopardized, they have nowhere to turn but to their families, their faith, and each other.

A coming of age tale, a story of misandry run amok.


Right out of today's headlines. 

It isn't always Big Brother who's watching. Sometimes, it's Little Sister.

When Ainsley Kincaid's parents leave for mission work, she feels abandoned and lonely as she enters her freshman year of college, until she meets Harry Talton. He doesn't exactly sweep her off her feet, but he takes the edge off her loneliness.

A progressive, Harry has come to Georgia to study red-state conservatism up close. He didn't expect to fall so hard for a pretty, blonde Southern Baptist but he finds Ainsley hard to resist; and her indifference toward him just heightens his infatuation.

When he tells her about a summer intern position at a liberal watchdog organization, she isn't enthusiastic about applying. But the college credit that goes with the position is attractive, and when her brother flat-out forbids her going, her mind is made up.

As summer unfolds, Ainsley learns that the watchdog agency is not what it seems. Beneath its lip service to justice, the system is steeped in the very corruption it claims to fight against.

Despite the risks, Ainsley knows that she will have to sound the alarm




Can love transcend deceit and distrust?

On the subtropical and hurricane-prone Florida coast, Briana Farrior goes undercover for her employer, a consumer watchdog agency. Her assignment: infiltrate a small property and casualty claims company and find evidence of insurance fraud that will bring Justin Adair, its crooked  founder and CEO, to justice.

But a few weeks of working closely with the handsome, charming businessman convinces Briana of his innocence and integrity. Finding themselves intensely attracted to each other, the pair must deal with her deceit and his distrust as they struggle toward love, while a ruthless adversary from Justin's past, obsessed with revenge, and a category five hurricane endanger them both.



Chris Dupree never believed in cryptids -- until they endangered the woman he loved.

Romantic Suspense with a touch of mad scientist sci-fi
and a whiff of the paranormal.

Leslie Hoffman is excited about her new job at the Calico Inn, a small-town bed and breakfast near Catesville, Alabama. But on her way there, she encounters a blinding rainstorm, terrifying red-eyed creatures and a crash into a flooded ditch.

She is rescued by handsome, taciturn Chris Dupree, who tells her all the roads out of the area are flooded, and takes her to his nearby cabin to wait out the storm. He is skeptical of her story about the creatures, until he glimpses one looking through the cabin window. The excessive level of fear it causes is not natural.

Leslie has developed an instant crush on Chris and she his thrilled to learn that he is part-owner of the Calico Inn, and they will work together from time to time. While she learns innkeeping and he attempts to discover more about the creatures--and to overcome his distrust of relationships--the pair moves erratically toward love.

Chris isn't the only one concerned about the baffling creatures. Two states away, an investigation into the cause of a young man's persistent vegetative state leads to the mysterious Shield Biomedical Corporation just outside Catesville, where a frightened IT tech secretly works to uncover answers. Will he find them in time for Chris to save Leslie from the same fate?




What happens to a person when the moral and ethical beliefs that have
sustained and supported him all his life are jerked out from under him? 

Can the love of one woman save him from destruction by another?

Wesley Bratcher is summoned by his estranged mother to travel a thousand miles to her deathbed -- to talk. He arrives a troubled man to visit with the woman who made his youth chronically inflamed and miserble, and leaves utterly shattered, his life supports knocked out from under him.

Widowed for nine long, lonely years, Abby Nowling, who has grown to love Wesley without reservation, is worried when he leaves on the short trip. And with good reason, she discovers when he comes home.

Can Abby's love and her God's power heal Wesley's broken life and give them a chance for happiness together?




Political intrigue that reveals who the intolerant really are.

When he decided to run for Congress, Randy Stevenson knew it wouldn't be easy. As a Christian, a Southerner, a family man and supporter of Southern history and heritage, he knew he would be attacked as a racist, a sexist and a homomphobe. But he could not have foreseen  how vicious the attacks would be, and he never dreamed  that his home would be firebombed with his wife and baby inside.

Now, although his wife, family, friends and church support his continued candidacy, he must decide whether to drop out of the race, or soldier on....





The Chronicles of an American Family

Spring 1709. Seventeen-year-old Oliver Walraven's journal chronicles his family's journey from North Carolina 
to their new home near La Mobile, capital of French Louisiana, and the family's first decades of life, trials, love and loss 
on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in the area that will become Baldwin County, Alabama.



Some bonds are stronger than that of master and slave. 

Two babes are born in the wee hous of  November 13, 1833 at Valhalla Farm as the The Great Meteor Shower lights up eastern seaboard -- one a slave, one his master. Would the time twins be charmed or cursed by the terrifying display in the heavens? (The friendship between Carson Walraven and the slave Dorsey was inspired by the friendship of James Gill and his young master Jeff, related in the former's WPA Slave Narrative.)



A young couple faces 21st century envy and intolerance -- but behind them,
a strong family legacy of several generations gives them strength.

2010-- Julian Walraven brings his bride to his ancestral home, Valhalla Farm in Baldwin County, Alabama, now a prosperous dairy farm, just one of the Walraven family's numerous Gulf Coast enterprises, along with timber and logging, boat building, and commercial fishing.  But not everyone is happy for the joyous young couple. When Julian's life is endangered by someone enraged by an imagined grievance against him, his bride discovers just how deep is her love and how fierce is her will to protect him.



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