"This book presents a more honest picture of Southern men and women than most 'southern' fiction I've read. The characters remind me of folks I know and love." 
Reader comment on Southern Man
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I write Southern fiction with a touch of romance, suspense and even traces of sci-fi and the paranormal.

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"What I love most about Ms. Chastain's writing is that no matter what she writes, she crafts strong unwavering Southern characters." 
Reader comment on Love in Smallfoot Alley
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Story backgrounds and where-to-buy info for the novels in the Life and Love in Dixie series with two titles thus far, Storm Surge (can love trump deceit and distrust?) and Love in Smallfoot Alley, (romantic suspense with a touch of mad-scientist sci-fi and a whiff of the paranormal).

Also check out the Legacy of Fortitude, a mainstream Southern fiction series, Southern Man, its sequels, Sweet Southern Boys and Little Sister. The two last titles in the series, Wesley's Women and Neo- Confederate, are tentatively scheduled to release in 2019. (Go to BOOKS PAGE)
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(where nearly anything goes) -- News, essays on writing and reading, behind-the- scenes looks at characters, locations, even the cuisine that show up in my stories.  Discussions of historic, contemporary and cultural influences that go into writing fiction, and more. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.(Go to MY BLOG)
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I'm a preacher's kid who grew up in Georgia and Alabama, and a former staff writer for The Florida Sun, (now the Independent News), which began publication in Pensacola, Florida, in 1999, by then- Congressman Joe Scarborough. (Go to ABOUT PAGE.)

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