Chris Dupree never believed in crypto-primates -- until they threatened the woman he loved.

Romantic suspense
with a touch of mad-scientist sci-fi
and a whiff of the paranormal

A blinding rainstorm and terrifying red-eyed creatures threaten her journey to her new job. Is her georgeous but taciturn rescuer a good Samaritan, or another danger? 

Can love transcend her deceit and his distrust?

Contemporary romantic suspense
highlights the trials and rewards
of virtue in an immoral world.

She went undercover to catch a crook -- but how can a criminal be a man of such high principles and virtue? And how can she stop herself from falling in love with him? More to the point -- why should she?


From sultry south Georgia to the Mississippi Coast to bustling Jacksonville, Florida, this series features three Georgia families, the Kincaids, the Jordans and the Stevensons -- 
and one Chicago yankee who makes his own legacy in the South..

Although characteristic of Southerners throughout the region, and for generations, fortitude is particularly characteristic of the largely Scots-Irish denizens of the Southern highlands, where it is also known as pure cussedness. It encompasses more than just mountaineer stubbornness, though. It is the sheer determination to defy defeat, even among the defeated -- or, at least, to refuse the behavior and demeanor of the defeated. 

Life in the wreckage of
the counter culture. 

The tender and tenacious love between a corporate executive and his adoring wife is tested when he becomes the target of an amoral material girl and her uber-feminist mentor -- with harrowing consequences for himself and his family.

Coming of age in the
dawn of modern misandry. 

Best friends since kindergarten, three boys happily grow up together in south Georgia. But as seniors in high school, they are accused of an unspeakable crime.

It isn't always Big Brother who's watching. Sometimes it's Little Sister.

At her boyfriend's urging, a college student applies for a summer internship at a social justice watchdog group where she learns things that could be deadly to herself and her family.

Can the love of one woman save him from destruction by another?

A young man visits his estranged, dying mother and leaves dangerously troubled, the moral and ethical beliefs he had lived by all his life completely shattered. Can his devoted girlfriend help him through the darkness? 

IN 2019

Things aren't always 
as they seem.

A conservative, Christian man active in the Confederate heritage community runs for Congress and is attacked viciously by progressive groups and the media.

IN 2019

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