My Time in the Man-O-Sphere

Or, The Truth -- for those to whom the truth means something

by Connie Chastain

Several years ago, when I was researching sexual harassment for the writing of Southern Man, I came across a blog titled The Spearhead -- and with that as my jumping off pointt, I went on a rollicking ride through the men's rights movement, online version.  ~Moi
The Spearhead, a website published by W.F. Price, went online in September 2009. How could I have used it for research when my novel's publication date is June 20, three months earlier?

Here's how that happened.

In 2009, the year I published Southern Man. I lost both my parents and my job. I had to publish the novel before it was ready, because early in the year, I had committed to a publication date when I obtained permission from EMI Blackwood Music, Inc., to quote copyrighted song lyrics (Spinning Wheel by David Clayton Thomas). I gave them a date I thought I could meet with ease, paid my money and  signed the contract.

And then my mom died of a massive stroke. Though the manuscript was still basically a draft and was not publication-ready, I uploaded the file and published the book as required. It wasn't that big a deal, as one of the beauties of self-publishing is the ability to revise as often as necessary. Though I was emotionally affected by the loss of my mother, I went to work revising Southern Man. 

In my research, I had come across the Fathers' Rights Movement which led to an introduction to the Men's Rights Movement, which gave me deeper insight into what my characters were experiencing.  I discovered The Spearhead shortly after it started up. The month before that, my entire department at work had been laid off. Later in the year, my father died, and within weeks, my husband was also laid off. 

Because of  these setbacks, the work of revising Southern Man stretched into 2010.

Eventually, I uploaded a revised file to CreateSpace and turned my attention to Storm Surge, Sweet Southern Boys, and other things. In April 2010, I answered a call for writers for The False Rape Society blog, as I have noted elsewhere, and wrote about 40 articles over the next year or so. In June, I made my first blog post on Southern Heritage at 180 Degrees True South (which is now this blog, Backsass). In July, I submitted Storm Surge to Desert Breeze Publishing in Castaic, California, and signed a contract  on August 13.

Although interested in men's issues, feminism, and the like, with everything else going on, I didn't have a lot of time to spend in the man-o-sphere. When I visisted The Spearhead (and other MRA sites), I skimmed recent posts to find those that seemed interesting or informative enough to read. Those written by crazies, or that violated my beliefs about morality, I skipped and went on to skim the comments. Many of them were skip-worthy as well. Occasionally, though, I left a comment myself. Very occasionally. As you can see here, where I have compiled all my comments that Google indexed, there were only eleven, over a period of several months. My first comment occurs in August 2010, almost a year after the site's start up. 

Although only Southern Man and Sweet Southern Boys deal with false accusation. all my novels deal with morality, traditional roles for males and females, the damage and danger of leftism, and similar themes.

As I have noted, this post is to present the truth amid the perpetration of lies and half-truths, which seems to be default mode for floggers and floggerettes.

Original Material Copyright © 2013 by Connie Chastain Ward. All rights reserved.