My email to Paul Elam about Southern Man reviews
(Note, this is a rough draft that was stored on my hard drive; the actual e-mail was edited and completed in my e-mail program, and was lost in a system crash; however, it was subtantially the same as this rough draft.  Mr. Elam replied that he would read the book, and requested a hard copy/paperback, but said he could not commit to reviewing it on his site if it did not support his views on feminism and men's rights. I subsequently discovered that 
his views of women -- not just feminism, but women -- are extremist, bizarre and damaging, and bear little to no
resemblance to my traditional, Christian-based beliefs.) 

May 4, 2010

Hello Mr. Elam,

Owing to your involvement in the men's rights movement, I hope you will be able to provide me with some information.  

I am looking for people who own or contribute to pro-male or MRM websites who would be willing to read and review my anti-feminist novel, Southern Man.  I visit several MRM sites/blogs but I'm not acquainted with the owners/writers well enough to know who might be receptive to my request, so I'm hoping you can advise me who to contact. 

The novel is about a devoted family man who is targeted with a false sexual harassment complaint by an amoral woman and her uber-feminist mentor, and recounts the persecution he and his family endure as a result.  It is about 120,000 words.  The review copy would be delivered in PDF format by e-mail.  

When I began writing this book in 2006 -- only vaguely aware of the men's rights movement --  I wrote it mainly to honor Southern men because they are so maligned in popular culture. However, you don't have to visit many feminist or MRM sites to find out that our culture's feminist-inspired hostility to men knows no geographic boundaries.

While the novel is perhaps a bit too conservative and traditional for PUA-types, I believe there are elements in the story that many MRAs will recognize.

I published the novel last year under my own imprint, Brasstown Books, but recently uploaded a portion of the book to HarperCollins' "Authonomy" community.  If you'd like to know more about Southern Man before you send me to others -- or others to me -- you can read several chapters at Authonomy:  

There's also more about the novel at my website:

Thank you for any information you can supply.

Connie Chastain


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